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Burger Theory Menus

4,320 Ways to the Perfect Burger

Burger Menus, Beer Menus, and Beyond

Whether you're looking to build your own custom burger or go with one of our perfectly-crafted house burgers, you're going to love the jarringly delicious Burger Theory experience. Take a look at our dining and bar menus, reserve a table, and start thinking about what you'll put on your perfect burger!

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Burger Theory now offers the same robust, delicious menu in TOGO fashion. After reviewing our tasty selections, head to this page to place your order.

Put the Burger Theory Denver Menu on Your Fridge

If you're used to the PDF-style menus on most restaurant websites, we've got you covered. Find all our menus in PDF form below. Screenshot them for easy access. Or print them out to put on your fridge with other menus. Whatever you need them for, they're here!

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